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Phnom Penh (Ah!) Travel Tips - Faces & Places - What's Going On - July 2006

James Loving NR

Applications for the Miss Cambodia Contest will be accepted from August 1st.


DJ Ken - National Radio Text Service

Friday July 21, 2006

Miss Cambodia and The Freshie Boy & Girls contests - Vann Molyvann the designer of Olympic Stadium - Cambodian Premiere Football League postponed AGAIN - Naga Corp no wins but goodwill in Vietnam. Naga gives players RESPECT, CARE and GOOD WAGES - Former Freshie Girl winner Vanda now given space to talk - Sorya Shopping Center - Internet THEFT warrants INTERNET OPTIONS - NR Top 10


What's Going On In Phnom Penh

MISS CAMBODIA CONTEST plus the Freshie Boy & Girl contest

A lot is happening in the upcoming months for talent and beauty contests in Cambodia

Planet Communications one of the organizers of the Freshie Boy & Girl contest said they wil be accepting applications for their Miss Cambodia Contest starting August 1st.

In association with the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts applications will be sent out to all of the provinces. An application booth will also be at the Sorya Shopping Center.

The contest will start September 1st. The intention is to enter the winner into the Miss Universe contest. At present Singha/Leo Beers have signed on to be one of the sponsors.

The requirements for the Miss Cambodia contest are for Cambodian females age group 18 to 24. The minimum height is 1.63 m. The applicants must have graduated from high school, be pleasant looking and have a clear complexion.

Planet also noted that applications for the Freshie Boy & Girl contest will be taken in October. The contest will begin in November. The Freshie contest is for boys and girls 16 to 20 years of age.

OLYMPIC STADIUM HAPPENINGS - Football - Volleyball & Exercise


On one days notice the Cambodian Premiere League (CPL) restart of their season has been postponed again. The specific reason is not known at this time.

The league is now scheduled to resume on September 2nd. The CPL stopped playing in May and was to resume this week on July 22nd.

The delay and rescheduling will result in only nine games per team being played plus the playoffs. Originally the schedule was for 18 regular season games with each of the ten teams playing each other twice.


The Naga Corp FC football team currently level at the top of the Cambodian Premiere League (CPL) standings with Phnom Penh Football Club (PPFC) and Prince Ranariddh's Khemara football team.

The squad recently returned from playing two friendly matches in Vietnam in preparation for a CPL title run. In Vietnam they lost to the Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC's A side 5-1 and to the B side 5-0.

Olympic Stadium is where the action is (NR Photo)

Joachim Fickert - AFC photo

VANDA finally talks (NR Photo)

Toshu Fukami - NR photo

Sorya Shopping Center - photo coutesy of Sorya

A key landmark in Phnom Penh is the Independence Monument. (Photo - Municipality of Phnom Penh)


Naga coach Joachim Fickert said Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC is better than the Vietnam national team. He noted that they have a Brazilian and several Thai players on their side including and Keattisak Semenaung arguably Thailand's best ever national team player.

What Naga Corp really excels in is giving former Cambodia national team players good jobs that pay them 10 times what the Cambodian national team received…. when they got paid that is.

In addition the receive meals and have a healthy work environment plus a health conditioning program and free medical care. Full story coming…


How does that song go??? 'A Change is Gonna Come'? Well apparently it has as former Freshie Girl 1st runner-up Vanda is now getting a chance to speak and develop her talent.

Last month there were three co-hosts of the Women Talk TV show on TV 3 that she recently joined after her stint on another TV 3 show that visited sites around Phnom Penh.

The problem was that the old co-hosts weren't giving her a chance to speak and she looked like a lump on a log.

This week Vanda remains as one of the other co-hosts was missing. Now Vanda is having an opportunity to talk. What's' up with that? Stay tuned…

Women Talk airs Monday through Friday from 7 to 8am on TV 3. The show has a tendency to start amnd stop whenever it wants. The Monday July 24th show began at 7:10am and finished at 7:55.

The third co-host returned. The day the other host was missing. There is one thing that you can count on with this show... YOU CAN'T COUNT ON ANYTHING.... IT'S INCONSISTENT.


For those that are visiting or living in Phnom Penh there is a library that has books and magazines in ENGLISH.

The University of Cambodia offers such a facility that is open to the public seven days a week.

During the week Monday through Friday the TOSHU FUKAMI library is open from 7:30am to noon. In the afternoon it is open from 2 to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to noon and 2-6:30pm.

The university is located near the Independence monument at #143-145 Preah Norodom Boulevard. Tel: 023-993-276.


For shopping in air-conditioned comfort the place to be is the Sorya Shopping Center. It has Cambodia's first escalator that serves as a thrill ride for some Khmers that come from the provinces that have never been on an escalator before. There are many shops and places to eat. Parking is available on premises. Located on Street 63 just one block south of the Central Market in downtown Phnom Penh.


Famed Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann made a guest speaking appearance at the French school's theatre Friday July 7th attracting an overflow audience exceeding 200.

Molyvann's designing credits include Olympic Stadium, Independence Monument, Chaktomuk Theatre and the Bassac (National) Theatre.

In printed matter distributed at the event noted in:

1950 Cambodia had a population of 4,074,000 and 205,000 living in the Phnom Penh area.

1975 - When the Khmer Rouge conflict began the populace for Cambodia was 7,794,00 and 2,000,000 for Phnom Penh.

1980 - When the conflict was noted as being finished there were only 6,517,500 Cambodians. There was no notation for Phnom Penh.

2005 f- Fgures were 13,800,000 Cambodians with 1,938,000 living in the Phnom Penh area.

Projections for 2010 are for a 15,500,000 Cambodian population with 2,416,000 living in the Phnom Penh area.


French films some with English subtitles are shown at the French school theatre every Friday and Saturday evening.

The times and titles of the films are listed on the back page of the Friday edition of the Cambodia Daily newspaper.


TIP… Internet theft is rampant in the region. The work you are doing at many of the Internet cafes can be accessed from within or outside the shop from another computer.

Also many of the shops have the computers set to remember passwords and save forms and downloads.

In some shops we have found that legal documents that were scanned were saved in files that remain in the system for a week or more.

Use the Fire Fox browser whenever possible.

After receiving too many requests from business to change passwords we decided to look at how the computers are set at Internet shops. In doing so we found that there was too much to think about and self-protection was in order.

When using an Internet shop computer it is wise to go TOOLS on the computers tool bar and click on INTERNET OPTIONS.

From there in general information click on open to BLANK PAGE.

Delete links to other sites as well as the history.

Go to PRIVACY and set remember history to 0 days. Also delete remember history, clear the cache, save NO passwords.

Make sure the computer will not SAVE OR REMEMBER PASSWORDS or COPY FORMS.

Close and then click REFRESH THREE TIMES then open the browser.

Check history. If there is a history something is wrong.

Repeat the process or change computers.

After you finish your work repeat the process to make sure the person that uses the computer after you can't track your information and go to the sites you've visited.

Also some employees have been seen going to a computer after a customer has left the shop and clicked on and went to every website the customer visited.

We have pointed out to some shops the copying of passwords and forms in their computers in Internet Options. Some were very squeamish and others were attentive and tried to correct the problem. In some cases customers input the spy devices.

Some shops have set their computers so that what they have set can't be changed. You then have the option to leave and go to another shop where you can repeat the process and have a clean computer to use. Some shops have a system that whatever they scan will be saved to a file.

This may not solve all of the problems but it's a start. More suggestions are welcomed.



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